Morrow IC

Does anyone have any opinions on the Morrow MA1 IC. I am ready to go for all new IC and have really have no other way to compare except for what I read.
The MA1's are a great way to try Mikes cables and sound good to boot and may be all you need! I tried the ones before laying down the cash for the MA2's which have an outstanding midrange but the MA3's which are the sweet spot for me as the have better bass weight. Are you trying the 39.00 special?
i,m currently using all morrow cables a few steps up from the ma1. but that is where i started. i also have complete sets of mid-level wireworld and kimber kable. i have found the morrow cables to be open with great ability with transients. bass response is really nice. i don't try to write reviews though. but mike morrow has good policies and service. and you have 30 days to break them in and listen to them thru your gear...hope this helps.
I have all ICs from Signal Cable and am pleased. I just ordered speaker cable from Morrow and if I am pleased might try the ICs as well. For well made inexpensive ICs, esp long runs, i have used Blue Jean Cables.
I used to have MA3 ICs.They are clean, clear, and have a very low noise floor.I currently have Siltech Paris,which are cleaner,clearer,and a bit silkier on top.
Well I am thinking about the special which is now $49.95 and I need 5 sets. In my thoughts, the MA2's are half price with another 20% off on the total order which makes them pretty attractive also. Dont know if the MA1's would be enough or if I would be itchin for the MA2's.You know when you get the bug you just cant stop.
Shoot me an email by adding gmail to my user name. Have some Morrw for you. 1 pair, maybe 2
I've found that it's easy to improve on the Morrows. Just get Morrows with more strands. This, of course, is how Mike sells them -- i.e., there's no real difference except the addition of strands from the "1" models to the "3" and "6" and beyond, plus moving from the basic terminations to the Eichmann RCAs. Aside from terminations, this goes for both ICs and speaker cables (haven't tried the power cords). The entry-level stuff is good, and certainly good value, but the real winners are the ones with the most strands. IMO and IME, of course.
I bought the Morrow 1.1 which is the next step up. They greatly improved the sound of my system. They do take over a week to burn in though.
I bought the MA2's a month ago and have about 500 hours on them now. Very nice cable. I believe them to be good value and am quite pleased with them.
I am getting excellent results with Morrow MA2 IC's. I now have 2 pair in my systems.
We currently have our MA1, 1 MTR, Standard RCA, IC's for only $39.95 so that would be a great way to test them out. We also have a 60 day return policy so you can test them out.
We now offer a Easy Pay program, which breaks your purchase up into 3 payments to help with these money tight times for customers on a limited budget. The 60 day return still remains as well as the lifetime warranty.
Mike Morrow
I have two pairs of morrow IC in my system they are very good once burned in.They improved the mid and the bottom.Well worth the money paid and I am not big on spending huge money on cables but they surprised me after they burned in very nice if you need a little more bottom end and detail in the mid range try them out they worked for me.MA-1 and MA-2 I may try the speaker cable next.
I have used the Morrow XLR 1.1 interconnects and was very happy with the results. I have a very open and detailed system with Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 and STI500 along with Magnepan 1.7s. You could live with the Morrow 1.1s without a problem. They held up strong in a testing with several other cables only beaten out by a Silnote XLR cable at 5X the cost.
Anyone selling these cables in Ontario?
If you are in Canada and large import duties are involved, I highly recommend Coincident cables, which are made in Canada and sound excellent IMO. As an aside, I've tried Morrow speaker cables and thought they were excellent at the price point.