morrow audio

Ok, here's the story. I bought a 2 meter phone cable from Morrow Audiu, hooked it up, played an LP and it was HORRIBLE. Muffled, muted, sounded like crap. Contacted Morrow to return it, he suggested I "burn it in" using a CD player, I reluctantly did this. 50 hours of this treatment later the cable is beautiful! You just read a post from a convert.
I've been using the SP2 for a couple years now. I thought they made an immediate improvement in clarity and imaging over my previous Goertz MI2 speaker cables. The only thing I'm not sure about, due to the small gauge is bass weight and heft. I don't see how they can carry a lot of current.
I use both interconnects and speaker cables from Morrow. FWIW, I have not noticed the effect you are describing. Perhaps there are other variables contributing to the inconsistent sound you are hearing.

Bryon, I disconnected the phono cables then repeated the burn-in for an additional three days using the XLO burin-in CD track, and they sound nice once again. Any thoughts or ideas you have are welcomed. I had not used the TT for more than a month, possibly a bit longer.
A short follow-up; the issue SEEMS to be that with lack of use for some time there is a regression of the "burn-in". I play music every day, so if I had interconnects and speaker cables this would not have occurred. Its the phono cables that got very little use that allowed this effect to surface. Maybe its not a surprise to those in the know about these cables but it is to me.