Morrow Audio Speaker cables / high end brightness ??

Hello everyone.  As of late I have been running pair of Marrow SP5 speaker cables in my system.  The cables have over 700 hours of break in.  10 days x24 at the factory, and 21 days x 24 in a garage where I set a system up to play around the clock.  Now in the main system and so far I like the  low and mid ranges.  Plenty of bottom end, and very detailed and open mid’s.  My problem is the high end.  It seems to be a bit edgy.  The speakers are a pair of Sound Lab M2’s, and I have the high frequency control backed off as far as it can go.  Sadly my Apple MacBook Pro that has all my CD hard copy source material has developed a audio output issue, and I am left with Apple Music or YouTube, so I would expect that the upper end would be a bit bright anyway.  I do have an old Apple Ipod Classic with the spinning disk, but only have 2 CD’s copied to it.  Sort of hard to judge just on that.


Any thoughts appreciated.

Firstly; are they the newer ones (copper) or the older ones (silver plated copper)?

I did the trade-in when the new ones came out and got the SP-5 (2 pair for bi-wiring).  I found the newer ones better in every way.  I found them to be warmer than the older ones; with better bass, mids and dimensionality.  

Don't know what you had before the Morrows or what you are used to.  

These are the newest ones ( Feb of this yr ).  I was running Sanders Sound Cables since I got my amp yrs back from Roger Sanders.

I could not find any measurement data on the Morrow SP 5s.  If such was available, I would suggest contacting Roger Sanders regarding the compatibility of the SP 5s with the M2s.

I have not tried another set of cables to see if the SP 5s are brighter than I realize.  Even so, my speakers aren't electrostatic and there are so many other variables.
I would address the source issue before spending any time and money trying different cables. 
hanks to all.  I foiund that I had the Apple I-Tunes settings messed up for RedBook CD's, and added Bit Perfect.  The cables now sound much better than the old cables ( as they should ).  Given the fact that the room is not treated as a listening room , I think that the sound is really good.  I talked with Mike Morrow for about 30 min. and he gave me a few hints to try, and also felt that with the Sound Lab speakers, that the next level up might just bring me to a really sweet spot.  I also have to consider that even in AIFF format many RedBook CD's were just awful, and I realize this.  For me Having owned these Sound Lab speakers for ten years now, I have never heard them sound as good.  The Morrow cables really have cleaned up and thighen up the bottom end. The Sound Lab speakes actually have a depper bass than one would expect.  The complete mid range is now more open and detailed, and airy, with much more detail.  The upper end still has a bit of brightness, but I have had that with these speakers since I got them, and the room probably has a lot to do with that.  I will move the speakers around a bit, and probably make a two free standing treatment panels to go behind each speaker. Something I should have done a long time ago.

Thanks for the replies.

"I would address the source issue before spending any time and money trying different cables. "  Absolutely.