Morrow Audio re-design announcement: No more Ag coated Cu; Increased numbers of runs.

Just got a notice in my Email about this. Seems like the new design went into production in June. It does have me scratching my head a bit. I’m wondering if any Morrow Audio cable users (old or new design) have comments. The link will take you to the announcement that provides details on the new cable design including instructions for determining whether someone has received old or new design cables.

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Just curious, how does Morrow Cables feel about wire directionality and cryogenics? By the way, the US Navy uses silver coated Teflon copper wire for most of its sensitive communications equipment. Are they missing something? 
Morrow encourages using the correct direction, indicated by arrows or their label.  On cryogenics, I’m not sure they’ve announced a position, but I don’t think they treat their cables with this.

The Navy does that for good reason.  Many high end speaker brands use special wiring of one kind or another, in their speakers.  I believe Tannoy does Cryo and silver.  I find with the silver Morrow ic’s, if you move them around they sound off for a day or two.

Anyway, my new MA4 is breaking in and is around the 75 hour mark.  I’m afraid I’ve employed them with a receiver, so the sound isn’t exactly superlative for music.  
Okay, so I've got close to 200 hours on the MA4's and have put them in the 2 channel rig on my Nad C565BEE cd player.  I immediately noticed a superior presentation over the cables they replaced, the old generation MA3, and both have the same Eichmann silver bullet style rca plugs.  

I'm impressed as I was wondering how much difference the new design would make.  With available discount the new cable didn't cost much more than the old MA3, but has 3 x the solid core conductors.  I think you get more for your money now than you used to conductor wise.
"I work for an aerospace company where we vigorously test wire performance. Audiophile wires are straight up BS. And most audiophile so they say are deaf. Unless you are a machine who can measure Hz difference then all of you are idiots. It’s true that audiophiles has bitten by snake oil😂😂. Save your money and buy a Walmart wire and convince yourself it sounds better. And you’ll have a better retirement account where you can actually enjoy listening to live music. Do you think the well known manufacturers uses stupid audiophile wires when they make their amps and receivers? Don’t think so.... " don’t communicate like you’ve even got an AA degree. Maybe you’re the janitor at an aerospace company?
Seriously though, what makes people that spout these types of credentials think they are smarter than everybody else when it comes to audio? Do they think no one else is college educated or that no one else may have impressive credentials? I was in the IT field for 30+ years but I realize there are 16 yr olds out there that know more than I ever did and could probably hack into the CIA if they wanted to. You need to get over yourself and realize that half of being smart is knowing what you’re dumb at. 
On another note, after originally being put off by Morrow's practice of setting high prices yet offering perpetual discounts, and implying that more copper in the wires is inherently better and worth twice the price for the next model up, I pulled the trigger on the SP5 speaker cables which are arriving today. They will be compared to my current Kimber 4TC. Can't wait to try them.
I’ve never tried their speaker cables, these days I have Audioquest Rocket 44’s that I got for about 65% off. Please report back, Kimber makes a pretty nice cable.

Morrow's practice of sale pricing can be a bit off putting, I assume it's a type of market strategy to increase sales.  Schiit has the opposite approach, here's our price and if you don't like it, too bad.  I think most of the major cable manufacturers are pretty much the same.