Morrow Audio or Transparent ?

Just wondering ?? I am thinking about a new 12 foot run of speaker cable. Sort of down to either a Morrow Audio Reference 5 or a Transparent Audio Wave Plus.


Any input appreciated.

Transparent and I would consider MIT!

I would buy Morrow over MIT or Transparent any day of the week! Cables with boxes on them....YUK! IMO, I guess it really depends on what your looking for....Speakers that play beautifully articulated poles of instruments and musicians in your room!

Matt M
Well the cables would be used on a pair of Sound Lab M2's speakers.   I had a set of transparent on the spks for a few days a while back, and I could hear an improvement, but I do think that Morrow has a good design idea, and yes putting a "box", on a cable with all types of electronics inside, always seemed to me to be a way to fudge something.  I know I can make any cable sound different by adding a cap, choke, or network.
..just have a talk with Paul at Clear Cable.  You won't be sorry, it costs nothing.
second Clear Day Cable
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Dave  B, from what cable  ??
Gammastrep better bring deep pockets.

Gammastrep, call Joe Abrams at Equus Audio...he is invaluable for information pertaining to all things audio and as a source for MIT cables online.  Mention my name!  So many ways to go wrong....I had 'em all, including Morrow.
Transparent cables . (Which i like)  do not seem to be special until you get into the Reference level or higher. I would check out Time Portal Reference cables for the money they are a good buy.