Morrow audio Introduces new cables from 4 to 6k

Morrow audio a company that specializes in real world cables at real world prices recently Introduced a line of power cords, interconnects and speaker cables that retail for 4 to 6 k. Morrow is constantly running sales on his product line which to me cheapens the product. (I'm not saying it's a bad cable, in fact it might be quite good) What I'm saying is people's perception of constant sales makes them think they are a cheaper brand of cables compared to what's out there.

He always offers a 60 day trial with his cables. I noticed with the new line he is producing he Isn't offering any trials.(Buy them and that yours) IMHO when you Introduce cables that retail for 4 to 6k then you should be given a trial because the cords are so expensive. If I was going to buy cords that retailed for that price I would only buy them on a return basis. I would think the cheaper cables you could sell as is. But not the expensive ones. Well that's just my opinion and I could be wrong. What are you're thoughts?
I don't think much. Especially about how Morrow conducts his business. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damm!"
What Newbee said ....
Maybe Morrow Audio is having lots of sales now due to the holiday season? As for having no trial period on $4K to $6K cables that is head scratching to me. I'm sure if a buyer is willing to spend that much $ on cabling for their system they would want to make sure they had good synergy with their other components.
If I were buying 4-6K cables it would be something like the Master Built by Delphi Aerospace.
Agree 100% with op
Instead of spending $5000 on Morrow cables, try a double run of Signal ultras for less that $200 for 10 ft and tell me that this isnt as good!!!
We decided to drop our Elite line to pursue international and local distributors and dealers, which we are now working on. We have sales because people like them. The price points are way below their value, especially when they replace cables ten times the price. Prices are going up however, so buy now before they do. Mike Morrow