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Needless to say - all Tacet recordings appear to be among the best engineered on the market from both a sound engineering and playback perspective and they all produce a very spacious sound stage - no more comments on that.

1. Die Röhre - Tube Only
Features Works by Boccherini, Sammartini, Scarlatti, Händel, Vivaldi, Biber and Corelli, played by the 17 member Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, whose talents I can only describe as remarkable - particularly since they play without a conductor. Their playing is very "spirited" and their musical prowess incredible. They make most other recodings sound dull and lifeless. I was absolutely riveted to my chair for the entire album. You will not be able to listen to ONLY one side of this album

My Rating: Oustanding

2. Das Mikrofon
The focus on this album is in the use of different types of microphone used to record each track. The album cover descibes the microphone used and why and is very informative.
But, this album also includes a superb collection of tracks from Haydin, Strauss, Beethoven, Rossini, Bach, Keril, Schubert, Wolf and Bartholdy, featuring instrumental, orchestral, opera and my favourite, the Pipe Organ.
The first track on Side B is a Toccata Terza in A by Johann Casper Keril, which is for me the best track on the album. It's as though you are sitting right behind the organist with all the pipes around you. The recording reproduces all of the acoustic nuances of church in which it was recorded and of the organ. Close your eyes and you are right there - amazing - you are completely enveloped by a magical sound.

My Rating: Oustanding

3. Das Mikrofon II
Ok - this one was a little dissapointing for me...
Side A: featured some very nice jazz tracks from the Georg Rox Quartet, a very talented group of musicians which I enjoyed very much.
Side B however was a ittle strange in that the Tacet producer attempts to show the listener the different characteristics of the various microphones used, by repeating the same very short piece of music over and over again. You can even hear the musicians getting board with the whole process by the third repeat. I didn't even make it all the way though Side B - yawn!
Unless you are interested in the performance characteristics of each type of microphone, I would not recommend this album, But I would recommend the Georg Rox Quartet!

My Rating: Side A - Very good, Side B - Yawn!

The pressing quality of two of these albums was not the best, since they were not completely flat, but that did not impact the qulity of playack

Hope you find this useful
I agree with you on Die Röhre - Tube Only, I've had that LP for many years now.

I have not purchased the other Tacet records you mention, so I can't comment.