More subs. What do ya say?

I am yet again building a custom sub system (my 8th I think!!!) and I am curious as to what the rest of you nail-bending, do-it-yourselfers have come up with for designs and ideas. I have a few ideas but am always looking for more. This system will need to excell in EXTENSION, DEEP-BASS, LOWEST OF THE LOW frequency response. Powered by Cinepro amps (600wpc). I know you all have some secrets, wanna share some? You can email me directly if you need privacy. THANKS!!!!!!!!
If you are looking for the lowest frequency response and greatest output, try an equalized passive radiator system. This approach WILL suck up massive amounts of power, but you appear to be pretty well off in that area. Passive radiators are the slowest in phase response, but are capable of working pretty well if strictly looking for "oomph". They also perform more consistently over a wider output level than a port without the drawbacks of vent noise and turbulence.

Another "very weird" approach that goes deep, will play pretty loud and has VERY tight bass due to having a sealed low Q design is called a "negative pressure chamber". I've only ever seen one manufacturer use it, but i think it has GREAT potential given the quality of drivers available today. If you're interested in more info, drop me a line and i'll TRY to explain it to you. Sean
I just got my Stryke HE-15 with two 18 inch Passive Rads up and running. Its in a four cu foot box, double 3/4 inch multiply birch (1.5 inch walls). Yes its a heavy sucker.
Stryke sez this alignment is good to 18 Hz.

My other woofer is a 18 inch Northcreek in a sealed 7.5 cu box. Its good to about 32 Hz but I push its response down to ~24 Hz electronically with a "Basis."

I run the Northcreek from a active crossover and the Stryke from the subwoofer outs on the Pre/pro. This way I can listen to music in 2 channel pass through mode and bring in the Stryke in movie mode.

Saving Private Ryan is a new movie again...
mish, what does the Stryke use as an active driver ? I know that you mentioned that it has two 18" passives, but never saw what was actually hooked up to the amp ???

As to the 18" Northcreek, what is the Q of this system ? How do you like the Marchand Basis ? Sean
Sean, Go to, mish is using the HE 15 woofer. specs are on the site. HTH