More shipping damage again?

Last two items I have shipped FedEx have been dammaged. The first one was a pair of montors in original box. This time I shipped a beautiful subwoofer but first re-enforced the foam inside box, then put it in a larger box which I also foamed with several layers.. The sub still shows up with bashed in corners. Geeeez , I am sick.
Damn! I was going to FedEx today. UPS here I come.
The good news is,after 2 mis-fortunes like those you should be good to go for years of trouble-free shipping.I have been lucky now for 5-6 years which means I'm due for a fall.Beware the Ides of March,aloha,Bob
I don't think Fedex damages more shipments than UPS or vice versa. In the past three years, I have received damaged speakers shipped by UPS, Fedex and Bax Global.

Shipping speakers is a crapshoot no matter which service one utilizes.

I suggest keeping shipping distance as short as possible (i.e. no cross county shipping), and shipping only speakers that have the original boxes and packing material.

I have had good success with Team Worldwide.
Are you referring to Fedex Ground?? It is run separately from Fedex Overnight.

It will cost you a little more, but try Fedex 3 Day Select which goes through the overnight division. In my experience the traditional overnight Fedex division handles things with much more care.

Fedex Ground is a trucking company. It is a much different culture than the older overnight division which has large corporate customers to please.
Shoe...while I cannot see what you did and what Fedex did; there is an outside chance that your reinforcement of the subwoofer box may have contributed to the damage.

Those factory shipping cartons are designed to ship the item properly. If you filled in the gaps in the box with more packing, then there was less space in the box to absorb the shock. The shock is then transmitted to the gear through the additional packing.

Put another way.....Large air spaces in the boxes between the packing inserts allow for the outside of the box to be pushed around without touching the gear. Filling in those spaces can cause the blow to then dent the gear by way of the additional packing.

It is a tough call. I like to add to packing myself sometimes.
Multiple boxes alone won't protect speakers. If you want to ship heavy things (speakers, amps, etc.) with confidence, use (at least) a double box and strap it (or them) to a wooden pallet. If it's really big (think $120,000 speakers) you'll need custom crates. Getting things there in one piece isn't that chancy, short of the plane, boat, or truck crashing! You just need to pay enough to do it right
All the original manufacturers packing is solid Styrofoam, not peanuts, soft foam etc, wonder why. The solid stuff is available at Home deport in large sheets. Best to double box and double line the sides, top and bottom of the space between the boxes. As mentioned in other posts, any air space will provide the ability to shift, leading to damage. All carriers are about equal, it is the packer that makes the difference. Want special handling, insure the item for $5,000. That way it goes through a better handling path. The added insurance cost is well worth it on fragile item. But in the end, pick up works best. You know exactly what you are getting.
I also recommend a wood pallet for expensive speakers even if they are in the original boxes. My Aerial LR5's came from the West coast to NYC in great shape as they were wrapped on a wood pallet.
I was looking at a couple of pictures the buyer sent to me.
If I were to take a sledge hammer and hit the top corners this kind of dammage could happen I suppose. Unbelievable.
I have had the best and cheapest results with FedEx Ground. This doesn't mean they are infallible, however. Also, for lighter items, I have had great luck with the USPS.
I have an account at a local UPS Store and they recommend shipping anything of value or fragile via overnight and/or 2nd day rather than regular ground for the simple reason that a regular ground package is handled and loaded/unloaded, etc. much more than a overnight or 2nd day package. Reportedly, the average package on a coast to coast trip may be handled by as many as 100 workers, whereas that number reporteldy drops to about 15 workers when sent overnight/2nd day.

As to the choice of FedEx or UPS, I have never (knock on wood) had a damaged delivery with either and I've shipped a LOT of stuff over the years. However, I usually ship UPS for the simple reason that the proprietor of another local shipping store I sometimes use that services both FedEx and UPS claims that in more than 5 years he has never had FedEx pay a damage claim, whereas UPS pays claims regularly (although they may make you jump through hoops). Apparently, FedEx uses a third party claims handler whereas UPS handles claims in house. Again, I have no personal experience here so YMMV, etc.
I have had more problems with claims with UPS and once took them to small claims court, where I found businesses are always right. My FedEx claims have always been handled by someone at their telephone number, but a third party inspector came out and took my information and pictures. I average about one claim each year and perhaps make twenty shipments in that time.

I would never use a UPS store as they are flatout incompetent. They assume that a big enough box and lots of peanuts done by their minimum wage employees means "professionally packed."
I would never use a UPS store as they are flatout incompetent. They assume that a big enough box and lots of peanuts done by their minimum wage employees means "professionally packed."

I believe that's an overly broad statement. The UPS Store I use is locally owned (franchised) and I've known the owners for several years. I've had nothing but good experiences.
Never had a problem using FedEx. UPS (Unlimited Package Smashing) has delivered packages that were so smashed pieces were missing. Mostly from poor packaging by the sender. UPS did refund each time, but as mentioned above, many hoops to jump through. I received a set of JBL speakers smashed by UPS just after Christmas. I was informed by the seller just yesterday that he received the refund from them, and was sending it my way. They even refunded the shipping costs-a total refund!
I initiated the claim by calling UPS. Nothing transpired. Called again. This time they said the seller had to initiate. Emailed the seller, he called them. Nothing transpired. He went to the UPS Store where he sent them from, and they got the ball rolling there. It was less than 2 weeks later, and the claim was paid. I still like FedEx better than UPS.