More questions on power strips and cables

I recently purchased an Isotek Aquarius power filter and I need a longer power cable.  I enjoyed reading through Erik’s blog “Power Management for Fugal Audiophiles” and he noted that the shield should only be grounded at the male end of the power cord.

I have read that Audioquest also grounds the shield at the the male end while Isotek grounds the shield at both ends.  I had been trending in Erik’s direction anyway based on other things I have read.

I am curious if there is a consensus in this group on shield grounding options.



How are you expecting to get a consensus out of this group?
All I can give you is one vote for single ended.
Great point!  But i appreciate your perspective.  

If that blog is anything like the sub article my impression is that's time you will never get back. If anything in there gave you the impression you can buy based on construction then not only will you never get that time back but it actually set you back the untold hours, days, years it may take to unlearn all the massively misleading misinformation. 

Forget shielding. Forget wire. Listen to how it sounds, and how others say it sounds. Period.
Now that was an interesting link!As to power cord shields. AC power cords can sometimes act as interference antennas (either receiving or transmitting). Decades ago, many printers and desktop PC's had shielded cords. If the shield is connected at both ends it acts as a Safety Ground/Protective Earth and carries the same noise/leakage/interference currents as the Green/Yellow wire. So connecting it at one end, it only acts as a shield. But I would only connect it at the component end, so it can act as an extension of the chassis.