more punch/presence from Meadowlark Shearwaters

would like suggestions for getting more low midrange presence from my Shearwater Hot Rods. powered by Rogue 88 non Magnum(KT88)/Rogue 99 and CAL 10 CD, DH Labs cables Q10s. Very smooth speakers but I'm missing some presence in the lower midrange(cello, piano doesn't resonate like I'd like) and some more "punch"(feeling some air move). My thoughts are to try the Rogue M120 monoblocks. Also heard the Hovland Sapphire on other speakers recently and was pretty impressed. Any amp, CD or cable change suggestions ? Thanks for your ideas.
I had the HR Shearwater for a brief period and I could not get them to sound right in my room. What you describe is similar to what I heard, but there was also a glare in the upper midrange that was present all the time. This didn't change no matter where they were positioned in the room. And I was driving them with tubes as well. I passed them on in short order and have never been so happy to see a speaker depart my listening room.

I've also heard the meadowlark shearwater. I did like the sound and was very close to purchasing. I ended up with Von Schweikert speakers because after hearing them side by side, the sound was thin and hollow. However there are people that swear by the "sweet" sound of them. So... I don't think you'll get the dynamic impact. Try putting them close to the back wall and see if that helps.
Try Krell - they are known for bass slam.
I totally agree with Oz's glare comment.