more power for Spendor S8e?

I'm wondering if my spendors would benefit from a more powerful amp..right now I'm using an older version of the Mistral LFE integrated amp. Has anyone used a powerful amp with these speakers and what benefits should I expect? I listen to ALL types of music.
I drove my pair of S8e with Bryston 7B SST monoblocks (600/900 watt). They were also high-passed so that an M&K sub handled the bass below 80Hz. High passing them added to their clarity. All I can say about the Bryston amps is that they presented a sense of ease and were very smooth, but that was true regardless of the speaker. I never drove the Spendors with anything other than the Brystons.
I drove a pair of Spendor 1/2e's with my BAT VK75. I've read that the Spendors respond differently to tube than transister amplification. With the BAT, they were quite lovely. Easily driven, and very rich midrange, especially. In fact, cranking them up with orchestral music was a particular pleasure...the sound just got bigger--no harshness or glare, and still very good definition. (In fact, I need to go hook that combo up again...)
your amp and speakers are fine.