More Or Less Better, Or Worse?

Swapped out a set of winter tires for summer tires over the weekend. Oddly, I have always noticed more difference when going from summers to winters than vice-versa. Got me thinking about audio gear. Curious if any 'Goners have done back-and-forth testing for SQ differences and, if so, would you describe those differences to be of the same magnitude when going up to better sound as when going down to lesser sound.

Yes that is odd. Why wouldn't you notice the same amount of difference either way? Tires get hard and lose grip over time even just sitting around but I wouldn't expect most guys to notice the tires they mount come spring don't stick like they did last summer.

With audio my experience is once you get used to really good sound going back doesn't sound worse, it sounds broken. That was my reaction, literally, first time I tried a good interconnect. After listening a few minutes to the dealers XLO interconnect I put my freebie patch cord in. Instantly, abject horror! Dead certain I had somehow broken this guys amp! But no, it was just the crap patch cord. Which until then I actually thought sounded pretty good.

Same thing happened again more recently. Really good interconnect, only stone cold, which I then somehow hooked up going the wrong way, which together with a few other things (long story) made my system sound not just worse, but broken.

But seriously, you don't notice your summers grip and respond a whole lot better than your winter's? Really??? What're you running???
Oh no, I meant that I can tell a bigger loss in grip and response after putting on snows than an improvement in grip after putting on summers. Sorry my post seemed confusing.
When I change to summer tires I notice a moderate amount of improvement in grip and responsiveness.
When I change to winter tires I notice a large amount of loss of grip and responsiveness.
Both of those observations are on dry pavement.
Obviously, the winter tires are dynamite on snow...
Hopefully that seems clearer.
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Elizabeth- sounds like you like to drive like I do!
How about your system? Have you noticed any difference in perceived SQ regarding an improvement v a reduction (percentage-wise)?


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Interesting! I would never have thought of that.
Yes, agree going back and forth seems to yield the most honest answers.
Always enjoy reading your posts, keep them coming!
Happy listening :)!