More on the Sony fiasco

Did anyone read the FAQ's on SonyBMG about its software? What I find alarming about its approach -- besides all the rootkit/malware dung -- is that it required use of a player on the purchased CD. Thus, if one has an iTunes library it sounds like it would be incompatible -- or at least destroy the convenience of having one catalogue.

I raise this issue because it may come back, minus rootkit etc., but still as a very objectionable approach. -- David
There are ways around that too. I gather you could rip the CD, as long as you didn't install the viewer for the "added content." Frankly, I don't know that there is any way of rendering a CD unrippable if the CD has to conform to redbook specs.

Nevertheless, the whole thing was offensive. I also find it particularly strange that, while defending themselves as taking legitimate steps to protect their intellectual property, they may have appropriated, without consent, copyrighted code from LAME and VideoLAN. Its OK for Sony to violate copyright, but not Joe Consumer.

Zeesh. I was going to buy a Playstation 3, but I'm totally rethinking anything that has to do with Sony.
"but I'm totaly rethinking anything that has to do with Sony." Me too.
Poor Playstation - don't punish them - completely different division - different management etc.

Playstation division was already fed up with carrying the profitability of the entire company . . . and then this . . .