More on Digital Cables?

I am running an Accustic Arts Drive 1 into a modded Audio Note Dac 2.1 Kit. I have a relatively inexpensive Atlas Digital rca to connect them. Would I benefit from a cable upgrade? Unfortunately my dac only does digital rcas. Any recommendations up to $600, used is okay?
Tons of great digital cables in that price range. Too many to list them all but here are a few. Harmonic Technology Magic II, Nordost Valhalla, Kimber Select 2020, Creative Cable Concepts-Silver Bullet,available through Muisic Direct,and I'm sure others will suggest many more. I have used many different digital cables over the years and I think there are definitely differences in the way they sound. I think, especially with the quality of your digital front end, love the Acustic Arts transport BTW, that you will be able to easily discern between different digital cables. One other very good budget cable that you may want to consider is the zero digital cable from Audio Metallurgy sold right here on the 'gon in no reserve auctions. I owned one and it was very good, holding its own against much more expensive cables. If you go with one of these,spring the extra for the excellent WBT Nextgen connectors. Worth the price of the upgrade.
There's a mind boggling array of cables for you to audition. One recommendation, if at all possible, try before you buy. Take your time, relax, have some fun and avoid frustration.
My personal choice for great performance below $100 is Auricle Audio Design from Audiogon member, Joemazzaglia.
It's amazing how much information is actually on a CD when you hear it transmitted through this IC.
Has never been the limiting step in any digital equipment chain where I have tested it. And, giveaway price never hurts.
Rja is also completely correct about boggling of the mind in his post above, although when price is very modest for a time-tested recommended item would not be greatly concerned about possible buyer's remorse.
You don't mention which Atlas cable you have, but if it's the Compass, how about moving up to the Opus?
yes it is the compass that I have - good affordable cable. Have never tried anything different so no idea how the opus compares to other cables. I don't have access to other cables so might be purchase one, compare, and sell if it isn't an upgrade from the compass. Using Zu cabling (interconnects and speaker cable) that has replaced audio note and vh audio cables.
I also run Joemazzaglia's cable...very good in my opinion..and a good guy to work with.
The Atlas Opus is a great cable. I use it and prefer it to the higher-priced Wireworld Gold Starlight, which is the only other one I have tried at or above the Opus' price point. ( I would mention the Zu Ash too but I don't know what it's going for these days. )

A word in the favour, too, of Joe Mazzaglia's cables and their maker, recommended above by Fishboat. I have a pair of Auricle analog interconnects from Joe. They sound superb; way, way, way better than they should for the price.
You folks flatter me, seriously!

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