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Has anybody ever used Gemm for purchasing their records?
I have often looked up older out of print records there and seems like they can always be found. However, I have yet to take the plunge and purchased through them. Anybody have any experiences, good or bad?
I have purchased quite a number of LP's through GEMM.COM both new and used. The availabilty of records is probably unmatched and includes dealers from all over the world. Not unlike other "sight unseen" buying, you take the good with the bad, though. At the start, I would recommend buying those LP's with the little green gemm logo beside the listing. They cost a bit more BUT, if you are not satisifed with the condition of the LP as described, a full refund is GUARANTEED and you won't have to hassle with a chisling dealer who accuses you of damaging the record or just changing your mind (as I have found is typical of one dealer here on A'gon, in particular). Some of the sellers are much more reputable than others, of course. Later on, if you find one or three dealers you like and trust, you can always deal with them directly and avoid the surcharge, which I have done. This can be quite advantageous to you as repeat business will be important to the dealer and they will both ensure quality and keep their eyes open for LP's that you request or in which they feel you will have interest.
I could never imagine that I would ever find records of Benjamin Lew or Magma but here Gemm goes where you can get rarest items produced only in hundreds for the whole world.
I pretty much echo 4yanx. I`ve purchased LP`s from about a dozen dealers with Gemm, and only found one who grades too loosely; sent 2 records back and received full credit. Henceforth, I intend to e-mail questions in advance, if I`m not familiar with who I`m dealing with.