More Liquid & Larger Stage Bal. Digital Cable ?

I have a 1.5 meter Kimber Orchid Balanced, anyone hear this or better ?
CEC TL-2X / Audio Logic 34 DAC front end.
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Ridge Street Audio Balanced comes to mind.
Empress Cables stands out as one of the finest cables on the market today.
Purist Audio Dominus or Kharma Grand Reference both are in a far superior class. PAD more liquid than Kharma; Kharma a bit more detailed.

Ridge Street Audio is my choice. I have both single ended and balanced models and have been very happy with both. There was a time when I preferred the one style termination over the other depending on how the music was recorded (intimate or large scale) but that preference changed after I auditioned Robert's latest RCA terminated model. It takes the best traits of both earlier configurations and blends it into a cable that sounds great with any style of music, no matter how it was recorded. It conveys a very large, cohesive sound stage (typically found in balanced designs) with the superior imaging of individual instruments normally associated with fine single ended cables. Note that we use similar digital gear. My digital set-up consists of a CEC TL1-X and Audio Logic's latest and greatest DAC. Also-I owned the big Kharma for 8 months or so and I prefer the RSA.
Thanks guys.
That Ridge Street stuff keeps poppin up.
Deano, have you heard the Dominus cable ?
I'm wondering how the Ridge Street and Dominus sound against my Orchid, any comments ?
I'd like to keep a balanced cable for this application.
Hi Rx

We have a balanced Poiema!! Master along with the single ended offering. It is a true AES/EBU 110 Ohm cable built from the ground up here just as the single ended I/C is. Depending on the associated gear, it's at least as good as the single ended Poiema!!. Regardless, it's an awesome cable and worthy of your audition...says I.

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Rx8man-I had the Orchid for a year or so and it will always be one of my favorites. I think it could be classified as a "classic"....a pioneer product that others would use as a benchmark to judge their own efforts. I find that the RSA betters the Orchid in terms of instrument placement and the ability to convey the space around individual instruments.
Has anyone heard the cables? Supposedly the same guy who designed the Orchid and D60 Illuminatis. Curious whether there's an improvement over the originals, which of course they claim. Also, how are the Kimber selects related to these?
I had the I2, it is good however I switched to something better IMO.
I'll be trying the Poiema balanced, only after I fix my wife's car first, or else !
Thanks Robert & Lak.
I have the X-60 from I2Digital and love it. I am using it between by Dodson DAC-263 and Arcam transport. I will be adding a Camelot DSP and plan on getting one to use there as well