More Line Inputs Needed

I need a couple of additiional line inputs. Any recommendations for line input extender?
47Lab makes an excellent product called the chooser.

Decware also offers a switching box which I would assume to be of higher quality than what you can acquire from Radio Shack (might want to try one since they are throaway cheap).

Creek offers a nice little passive preamp with three inputs and a pair of outputs as well as a remote control for the volume. Very nice little unit which would benefit from upgrading the volume pot to a quality stepped antenuator. I picked up mine used for 175 and use it between my preamp and power amp to regulate the volume. This would give you a few inputs as well as provide remote control. It will degrade your sound a little bit due to the add'l cables and circuits and potentiometer.
For a while, I did use the Rat Shack audio switcher C123666 mentioned to expand what I could hook up to my input-challenged audible illusions 2d. I used it for secondary sources (vcr, cable, tuner) and didn't notice any obvious sound degradation (though I don't have the most resolving of systems). Also I didn't notice any "crosstalk" when all three sources were sending a signal to the switcher. I think it was 14 bucks or so.