More info pertaining to Pass point 8 series amps

This is very informative.

Considering moving from my x250.5 to either x250.8 or xa60.8

Wondering how the xa60.8 will compare to the x250.5...
Do Pass Labs amps double down with impedance? Just curious.
Not only they double down, their power specs are very conservative. One example: the lowly XA30.5 is in reality a [email protected]Ω / [email protected]Ω amplifier, according to Stereophile measurements.
Wow! I sure would like to own one....
Thanks for the info, Vladimir. That's impressive measurements.

However, can the amps go all the way down to 2 Ohms or 1 Ohm?
"Do Pass amps down with impedance?"
It depends on the specific amps. Some of the older Pass Aleph amps won't, and many of Pass's First Watt amps certainly won't. On the other hand many will. Nelson Pass has been most generous designing different amps for different applications.