More info for the new B&W nautilus 805

Where can I find more info for the new B&W nautilus 805? There is no info when I checked B&W website last night.

The new N805 will kill the Sig805 if they sound the same and the new N805 is $1000 cheaper without the fancy finish. Will B&W do that?
Straight from the tech expert at B&W: the sig 805 and new 805 are esentially the same with out the nice finish. Will they, I didn't think so, but yes. It sounds as though they have. I believe the crossover is slightly different as well.

Kill the old sig? I don't think that is the case. I don't know too many audiophiles that could care less about the quality of finish. They won't top the finish on the old signature. However, they will make a great speaker more affordable to people. I'm waiting for them to put the diamond tweeter (available in the 801,802, and 803 only) into the 805 and call it the new signature line. That will be worth the wait. Although, probably won't happen for a couple years.
I think alot of people would like the signature sound without the fancy finish.
Probably will see a new signature line with upgrade components and some new vaneers?
the new nautilus 805 will not incorporate the new diamond tweeter only the 803's and up and will have the option of utilizing a diamond tweeter. it is the nautilus 803d, d for diamond. it seems silly to make it available for the 803 and up but not everything below. maybe it would look too obvious that they goofed with the aluminum tweeter, it having a tendency to come across as bright with certain equipment matches, so they're doing it in phases but thats only speculation on my part.