More hifi in TV ads

Just saw a Yellow Pages ad on Fox News that featured a young lady relaxing to some music. She powered up a Peachtree Audio Decco - - and sat down to listen. There was a big screen TV, but it was not on. She was listening to music as a destination activity!!! Could have knocked me over with a feather!

Anybody care to identify the speakers and other gear in the ad?
Not if I have to watch Fox News.
^ win.
# 1 best show on your flatscreen, the Pawn Shop! Relaxing and informative, Chumly and Big Hoss have everything under control!

Better than, CSIMiamiNewYorkLosAngelesDetroitUnitMI1Boardwalk etc etc etc.
"Pawn Stars" - have they bought any high end gear yet? It would be interesting to see someone come in with a $20K SET amp and what Chymly thinks it is.
I watch FNC for Cavuto, Special Report, Fox Report Oreily and my guilty pleasure Red Eys so I will have to watch for it.
For those who hate Fox if you dont watch Beck amd Hannity Fox simply offers the best and most fair news out there. may wish to stretch your horizons. Try a newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal; avoiding the op/ed section, of course. You'll soon realize how little unbiased news you've been receiving.
Wall Street Journal is only paper worth reading, I like the news I get from FOX and I agree with it for the most part. I cant stomach Beck or Hannity but enjoy most everyone else. My horizons are broader than most.
And yes I do watch some left leanin news, I dont agree with it but I do keep up with atleast what Mathews is saying on MSNMC.
If your going to argue Shep Smith is biased news.........dont bother cause I already know you dont know what your talking about cause if you watch it you would know not to say that.
Yes FOX has a lean, so does NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NPR, WSJ, NYT, Time, News Week and on down the line.... its simply a fact of life everyone has a bias so pick what you want and enjoy.
"Fox simply offers the best and most fair news out there."
you poor deluded man.....
Meanwhile, back at the topic...

Folks - I did NOT intend my post to kick off a flame war about Fox News. Those posts really belong in other threads/forums. I only included the channel on which I saw the advert so that those who were interested could see it for themselves. Perhaps it is running on other channels, I don't know. But, my post was meant to show that, perhaps ever so slowly, and as the Home Theater industry matures, good-old 2-channel music listening as a destination activity might, maybe, possibly, begin to make a comeback as a socially acceptable form of leisure.

As a teen in the 1970s, I can remember long hours of just sitting with a friend or two and cranking the tunes. No TV, no conversation, no cell phones, just sweet music.
FOX news is the complete opposite of other channels because they are conservative and not Liberal bias like ALL other channels are. If you don't like FOX is mainly because you are a Liberal and enjoy giving away this country which is happening at a faster pace than most realize. Sorry if that offends but it IS the truth.

I think this is a good thread from the original post because you don't see higher end audio on TV which is a shame. Just think turning on a show and see a big tube amp lit up in all its glory :)
There was a 'playing turntable' featured in the opening of the new show "Raising Hope", also in Nurse Jackie, and in the movie "Let the Right One In", to name a few.
Apparently it's cool to play records.
Yes I think vinyl is getting more "awareness" in the younger crowd or by those who's dads were into it. I hope so because 2 channel is so cool.