More good news for SACD....

In case you haven't heard..."Darkside" will be released on SACD in Dylan,Police,etc
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What is "Darkside" ? Sean
Sean...Darkside of the Moon...
Awesome! I hope they do Animals and
Wish You Were Here soon too...
Thanks. That is good news. I might actually use my SACD player to play some SACD's if they keep this up : ) Sean
Me too Sean.I have 1 sacd and 1 on the way.
I think I like the redbook playback on mine better than sacd.Its a good thing I guess as Im sure my player will get more CD time than sacd.
Hahaha.... I think that many of us are in the same boat David. Probably due to a lack of available SACD titles with minimal variety in the releases available. I don't mind trying out new and different bands / types of music, but not at $18 - $25 a pop. Collecting discs that i'll never listen to at high prices is not very high on my list of things to do. I'm sure that others can relate. Sean
unfortunately today i can count on fingers the SACD releases that I wish to have so i consider this news as teaspoon in the ocean.
Marakenetz-DSOM is arguably the most famous record release related to Hi-fi (rightly or wrongly)ever, so this a major release for SACD.
I wouldn't disagree about the lack of titles but 2002 saw the first few new releases by major artists on SACD very close to their CD releases-Bowie,Beck and Peter Gabriel (soon anyway).
With the Stones releases and the Dylan ones soon to come things are moving in the right direction,even if slowly.
Of course none of these facts guarantees the success of the format but do not doubt DSOM on SACD is major news and a major victory for SACD over DVDA.
Responses are spot on! If this medium is going to survive they have to start putting out music we want. How hard is it for The Suits to look back and see what sold well in the past. That's what people are going to buy again since the new releases are for the most part a steaming pile of excrement!
I have probably eight or ten SACDs but hundreds of LPs and CDs. I would never buy another redbook CD if I could get the same on SACD.
No one besides us audiogoners knows about sacd(slight exaggeration).This does not bode well for sacd or dvd-a.We all know this in the dark side of our minds.
Also..the Who are scheduled to release SACDs...and since EMI has an arrangement with SACD...I presume the Beatles will follow...Abbey Road studios also recently installed SACD recording/mixing equipment
Peter Gabriel catalog on SACD as well...
While i've never been a "devout" Peter Gabriel fan ( i personally don't own any of his discs but my girlfriend does ), the more stuff that i've heard by him, the more i like. Seeing im in perform live on this last tour also raised my level of interest. If his recordings are available on SACD relatively soon, it will give me the chance to enjoy ( hopefully ) a better recording and not duplicate anything in my collection.

Having said that, i think that most of the problem is that the record companies ( ESPECIALLY Sony ) are concentrating on releasing previously available discs. While this is fine as some people might want to replace specific discs within their collection or pick up recordings that they may have overlooked in past, my thoughts are that every new disc that they release should be available in at least "hybrid" form. Sony has nothing to loose by taking this approach and it would reduce production costs since they would not need two separate ( Redbook & SACD ) releases. This would also encourage others to invest in SACD as every disc that was released would have the potential for better sonics IF they wanted to achieve such things.

If Sony took the lead in such matters, other manufacturers would "probably" join the ranks since nobody wants to be left behind trying to market a lower quality product. Even if people don't know about "hi-fi" or the better sound quality potential of a good SACD recording, proper marketing could make this a desirable trait. Sony has been dropping the ball so far, but let's see if they can get their act together. Sean
Sean read this.. There was a news article a while back that Sony was going to start converting there production units to all Hybrid. Supposedly they have already converted 2 buidings in Europe for this. I think they realize the same thing, 'just start producing all your CD's in Hybrid'. I've also read other stuff that encourages the progression of SACD. Like mentioned here, studios are setting up SACD equipment, etc. Also when it comes to SACD vs DVD-A, myself along with others i would believe, enjoy good old 2-channel stereo (DVDA seems to be more into multi channel). I like the fact that SACD's are made in 2-channel. that's basically all i listen to. The Mulit-channel really means nothing to me, as far as music goes. When i go to a concert, the only thing i hear in back of me is the crowd making noise, they usually don't have guitar players back in the rafters!