Smart move for VPI, big company makes big orders using similar parts.  The risk for the TT success is on Harmon. 
other than the plinth is looks kinda like a Prime (or Scout for that matter). It would be interesting to compare the two. The prime is half the price so it better be significantly better for the $10K they are asking!
Perfect it will go well with the phono stage I build!!!

Thanks for posting.

Happy Listening.

and yet another company jumps in/back in to vinyl, too bad its ugly but I suppose that in the eye of the person looking at it. )

I must say things are going pretty well for VPI.  Not bad for a company that makes you pay extra for an anti-skate contraption.  This particular model's aesthetics are not my cup of tea.  Maybe for $10K it comes with platinum wire and a titanium chassis?  Gotta love this crazy hobby!
Chassis looks like a squared-up Prime Sig on rubber feet.  Didn't know VPI had a gimbal  arm that was in the same league as any of their unipivots. 
Well, the chassis incorporates the same concept as my Thorens TD850, which is a proprietary layer covering a MDF/steel sandwich. Mine was designed by Acoustic Signature, though, and has their unique bearing, spindle and platter construction. I'm also using an Audiomods arm, Origin Live Ultimate motor and carbon fiber mods to both the motor and tone arm boards.

Mine  cost way less than $10,000. Way less! But I sourced and pieced my together, as well as shop smart.

My local audio society will be visiting the VPI factory on January 15th.  We may get to see and hear this 'table and other new goodies!  I am very stoked for this!
Yes, and I kind of like that look over the Levison.
Yes, and I kind of like that look over the Levinson.
I do too Ray. It’s around 2500.00. There’s a nice video on youtube of Michael Fremer visiting the factory in Detroit. They are also building a new moving coil cartridge which should be interesting.

It also has a built in phono preamp which can be bypassed.
$10K for an assemblage of random VPI parts, from turntables that cost less than $5K. Well done VPI...Well done.