More expensive = better?

Because I have never owned any very high end gear I’m wondering if an $8000 integrated amp will sound jaw dropping better than a $5000 one? Right now my system is Parasound JC2 and SMC Audio DNA1 Gold. 

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And a $16K amp will sound even better.

That’s what the salesperson will say.

But in reality it’s unfortunately about system matching, room matching, musical preferences and your likes.  That 8K amp might sound like a turd to “you” in your room and you might find a sub-1K amp that blows your current amp out the water.

Such is life of an audiophile.  Sorry.

@audiodwebe  well said.. 

Since when does more expensive always equate to better ?  Certainly not in audio and most things.. 

Define ‘better’.

More linear, more accurate, more extended top to bottom…. Maybe.

Whether or not it’s more emotionally engaging and enjoyable within the context of your particular room and system isn’t necessary linked to the purchase price.


In my audio journey, I feel I have spent more to achieve more.  I am not foolish enough to say that is an absolute.  Of course higher price does not always equal higher quality.  It all depends on how much of that “little bit more” you’re chasing after.