More EAC/FLAC help please...

In a previous thread, I got some great help in getting these two to work. Now that Squeezebox has arrived (great product btw) I am finding some frustrations.

THe first has to do with naming the song titles of cds I am burning. Is there a way to connect to a website where all the info just flows in rather than typing laboriously? I tried on the EAC interface" Database\Get CD Information From \Remote freedb", but it pops up: "Invalid E-mail address".

The second is to do with the way SB reads the music. I have a 200 gb drive dedicated only to the music files, nearly empty now but it has 3 cds ripped and converted to FLAC. I think I am doing something wrong, as SB sees them as "25 (or whatever number) titles by one artist". Here is the directory structure:
Drive letter = F
One folder in this drive, named: "Music"
In "Music", one folder each for each CD. Then all the tracks in that folder. Not right, huh? But I can't see why; please help.
1. You have to input your email address @ "EAC" -> "freedb / Database Options". IMHO, EAC-reachable freedb has less databast than the one iTunes-reachable. For not-so-bad CDs, I would recommend to use iTunes for that convenience.

2. I don't know details of how SB reads the files. What I do is like this. Ripping CDs by whatever (I use both iTunes and EAC) s/w, re-organize the folder structure myself after ripping, e.g. Music - classic - orchestra - Karajan, Herbert. Then I search the CD from SB interface "Browse Music Folder" only.

iTunes ripping stores the ripped wav files to its liking but I move it to the folder I want to put it (appropriate music category, in my case). I don't use iTunes for music playing interface (because once you move the file, iTunes cannot recognize it) but for ripping only. On EAC, I do not use "image" but "select all" and "action - copy" so that all the tracks are ripped as individual file with proper names and SB can properly display. Track gap is no problem so that it plays consecutive tracks flawlessly without unwanted interruption (like live recordings). Don't forget to create the folder for the CD with proper name.

Hope this helps.

Thank you! I am in business (hopefully for a while).