More Dynamic Speakers Than Vienna Acoustic

I'm looking for thoughts on which speakers or manufacturers to pay attention to in my journey to achieve better dynamics. My system currently sounds great for midrange reproduction, bass is decent without a sub, but is tame in the treble, rolled off I might say. I can turn the system up past 1 o'clock and it gets louder but doesn't get very punchy. My wife and I use our system for a combination of vinyl, streaming, and movies.

My current setup is: 

VPI Scout jr. Table- Nagaoka MP50 MI Cart
Topping D30 Dac

Allnic H1200 Phono Stage
Audio Research LS25 mk2 Pre
AudioPrism Debut tube amp ~30w of power
Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grand speakers

Dac, phono stage, preamp, and tv are all powered by a 1000va Transcendent Sound Balanced isotranny. Amp and TT are direct into the wall. Room is 17x13 8' ceiling. 

The wife is interested in a pair of black floor standing speakers that will go with the room better as am I. Want to keep them small'ish, ie not taller than 4-5'

What would be more dynamic than the Vienna Acoustic's? I would love to stay under 2k used. 



Quite interested in the Klipsch options. I've heard the La Scala, Heresy, and Forte options are good. Zu also looks interesting but harder to find at an affordable price. 

I may be able to borrow a SS amp from my dad to see it makes a noticeable difference in the dynamic response before going in on something. I'm currently using his old tube amp and would love to keep it as a heritage piece.

@atmasphere Thank you for your response! This is such good info. 
I'm currently using his old tube amp and would love to keep it as a heritage piece.
@coburnerskine1  Oh? You might want to see if the tubes are good! If not, the amp can sound 'sleepy'.
The Vienna Acoustic Mozart Grand never impressed me considering the price range they are in. Perhaps check out Salk, though they rarely come up used. Joseph Audio is another alternatively, though again, they rarely are available on the used market.If you really want punch you should be using a sub and for those I recommend Rythmik.
@atmasphere I bought a new quad set of Gold Lion KT77's for the outputs and a set of Philips JAN 12AT7WA's for the driver/inverter tubes when I inherited the Debut amp. The original tubes were definitely old but still sounded good.
The Spatial Audio M3 Triode Masters are very efficient and likely much more dynamic that your VAs, and they can be had used for around $2k.  The M3 Turbo S is still very efficient with deeper bass and is available used for around $1500.  Best of luck.