More Devore vs Proac questions (super 9 vs D30RS)

I did some more listening and have refined my search.  I had the chance to further audition the O93 vs the Super 9.  I found the tweeter on the super 9s far superior and thus the timbre and tone much more desirable.  So although there is a bit of a price differential between the Super 9 and the Proac D30RS ( the 48 is too big for my room) the final decision will be between these two models ( using my Leben cs600 amplifier).  Unfortunately it s impossible to do a head to head comparison locally.  Has anyone been able to do a Proac D30RS vs Devore 9 comparison?
I also own the D30RS, using a PrimaLuna integrated there is not a hint of politeness. I listen to a wide range of music, last night played AC/DC Highway to Hell LP and it sounded so right in every spectrum, I was not left wanting.  

However I'm really curious of the D30RS vs. the O/93. Nearly the same price but is one better than the other or just different and both are great?

Thanks Mike!
One other thing I am concerned about with the 9s is listening distance.As I've mentioned in my own thread, I find I need at least 8 feet from the O series for them to have good high frequency life and coherency.  Whereas my seating requires speakers to be a bit closer.  I'm therefore wondering if the necessary 8 foot distance only pertains to the design of the O series, or whether there's something in the way John Devore designs his speakers that makes the gibbons also less amenable to closer seating distances.  If you get a chance to audition the 9s maybe you could try moving to a closer listening position - e.g. under 8 feet - to briefly check out if they maintain their high end and coherency when closer.