More cones?

Just read another new review of isolation accessories. It seems like every other review is about isolation and it is getting to be a bit much. I think audio components can vibrate and this can potentialy effect the sound. I also agree different products can reduce or eliminate vibration to various degrees. I use a modestly priced solution myself. (I think I hear a difference). When I start reading different materials of cones are changing the character of the sound it is getting a little ridiculous. eg. "Glass shelves make my system sound hard and rubber makes it sound soft". Also the benefits most often heralded of good isolation is a tightening of the bass. Yet why do so many subwoofer companys mount the amps and crossover right on the cabinet!??!
Seriously, lots of crap out there for BIG bucks. I've had excellent results by simply placing a common brick (not the silly VPI one) on top of each component, with felt pads in between to prevent scratching.
Different cones do sound different, assuming the resolution of a particular rig is good enough to reveal it.
Different placement of same cones also sounds different.
Different shelves sound different & the suspension in use also changes sonic charactaristics.
Glass shelving or glass doors on equipment cabinets typically sounds degraded.
If you only "think you hear a difference" then it's subtle at best, perhaps only psychoacoustic. If no changes are perceived then the tweak doesn't work for YOUR system; doesn't mean it won't work in another rig.
Sub-bass control issues are different from mid & lower bass; muddying of sub-bass in a home theater rig may even sound desirable to the uninformed consumer.
Write directly to Ken Lyon "caterham700" to get the most info most efficiently about your needs here.
His Neuance lightweight iso-shelves really DO work to cohere a sonic picture WITHOUT spectral tilting. I'm quite sure of this.
Good luck.