More classical strings.... awesome stuff

1. Bloch's String Quartet's #3 and #4,,The Griller String Quartet,,,,on orange label Decca (FFrr)..LXT 5073

2. Brahms Double Concerto,,Wolfgang Schneiderhan on violin, Janos Starker, Cello,,,,Ferenc Fricsay dir the Berlin Radio Symph...DGG Tulip with red stereo on hardbound box cover...SLPM 138753

3. Franz Schubert String Quartet in D minor. by the Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet,,WL 5052

4. Bela Bartok's Concerto for Violin and Orchestra,,Max Rostal on violin and the LSO dir. by Malcolm London label with gold writing....LLP 302

Vivaldi's The Four Seasons, by the Virtuosi di Roma,,LHMV-26,,

All excellent soudning,,,,the RCA is a little thin sounding...
Thanks for the tips. Try to find Beethoven's Quartets by the Amadeus Quartet on DGG. Tulips if you can, magnificent tone and presence.

They're usually seen in three boxed sets, one for the Op. 18's, one for the middle quartets, one for the late quartets.
Agree with Dougdeacon. I have the DGG Beethoven Opus 18 string quartet box set and it is stunning. Lush, warm and emotive.

Thanks for the other suggestions. I will be keeping my eye open for them. I do believe I may have recently acquired the Shubert you mentioned from a library book sale. It is in a box of unsorted uncleaned recent acquisitions.
I will look for that LVB Opus 18 on DGG....funny how on some DGG's the venue is large, like the one I just got, and some feel like the mics were right on the