More bang for the buck?

What amp do you guys think would give more bang for the buck? A pair of Rogue Audio M-120's or a Rogue 88 with the magnum upgrade. I think the prices would be about $3000 for the 120's and around $2000 for the magnum 88.
Get the 120s.
VTL MB180 bangs a-bit better.
Thanks guys! Anybody else ? The reason i ask is $2k to $3k is a lot to spend for me. But i'm willing to go from mid-fi to hi-fi. It just might take me a while.Tommy
Please specify the speakers you will be matching it to, source, what is your source(s), room size and what do you listen to mostly. With that info maybe we can give you an intelligent answer based on facts.

Both are wonderfull amps. The 120 has more power and it is a little more refined, mind you not much. Need the other info to go further.