more bang for buck new emm labs dcc2 signature or


I had a question for those who have heard both the emm labs dcc2 and the new dcc2 signature.

Is the upgrade worth it for those who primarily listen to redbook material and mostly rock.

I guess what I am wondering is if you are not listening to audiophile recordings but rather more modern music like radiohead and stuff like that the dcc2 signature worth the $6,000 upgrade for a middle class dude like myself.

I also have the opportunity to upgrade my speakers from wilson watt puppy 7 to maxx2 for about $20,000.

I really don't know if I can swing that $20,000 hit but certainly don't want to spend $6,000 and barely hear a difference.

Hello Mike,

My DAC 6 is now at EMM for the signature upgrade. They should be sending it back to me by the end of this week. I'll let you know what I think soon after.

It depends on your associated equipment, your room and your ears.

Getting the right fit with your room with speakers having the bass of WattPuppys and Maxx's is such that the Maxx's could ironically prove to be a step backwards. If you have a large listening room, this is less of a concern (or no concern at all).

With either of those speakers, assuming your system is set up properly, you could be expected to hear the difference between the old and new versions of the EMM gear on unamplified acoustic music. Whether you could hear it on rock, etc., is indeed a good question.

There are many, many threads addressing the issue of what's more important, speakers or front-end equipment. That issue will not be settled here.

Pleasant dilemma, in any event.
Mike: Raquel brings up a very good point. The MAXX's in the wrong room could prove very problematic which might not show with your WP 7's.

As far as the EMM Labs DCC2e Signature Edition, I would challenge most to tell the difference between CD and SACD playback. They are so close it is eerie. The musicality, body and naturalness is far greater than the previously SOTA model. The increased bass and dynamics are also very noticeable.

If your room can handle the MAXX 2's, the sound will be bigger, more at ease, more dynamic and go deeper.

Good Luck,

Jonathan Tinn
EMM Labs
"The musicality, body and naturalness is far greater than the previously SOTA model".

Man this hobby takes deep pockets!
Hi Jonathan,

I don't doubt that the new dcc2 signature is better but as I mentioned and Raquel did not necessarily have an answer whether for modern contemporary music whether it be radiohead or other rock music which is not terribly well recorded will the upgrade make that much of a difference.

Sure I would expect a difference in audiophile recordings but since I would estimate only 20% of my music is either audiophile recordings, remastered recording, or sacd concern in whether the other 80% will benefit.

The Maxx2 debate is split among those saying a room that can handle the wp7 is also big enough for the maxx2 and those that are not so sure.......

I have a listenign room (also my living room) that is a little more than 16 feet wide, 14 feet high, and 24 feet long. The length is deceiving though because behind me spills into the dining room (no doors) but I cannot move my listening position any further back than it is. My listening position is approximately 10 feet from the speakers.
Mike: There is no doubt that the Signature Edition EMM Labs will be far superior on almost anything you throw at it. The new algorythms used are amazing. I have been listening to discs I have not listened to in years and am shocked at how good they sound. It is not to say that they sound as good as the audiophile recordings, but they sound terrific for what they are and I have no problem pulling any of them out for a demo.

Jonathan Tinn
EMM Labs
Hi Jonathan,
Are the improvements in redbook mostly due to the new software in the CDSD or changes to the DAC - or both. I just upgraded the firmware from 020 to 024 and the improvements to redbook is as good as you have stated. The UI also seems to be more responsive.

if my older cdsd does not have a usb input, how do you upgrade it? Please don't tell me it involves $6,000.

Nikki: The new software takes advantage of the SE changes. It really is both.

Mike: Please contact me by telephone for all the info you require. 503.221.0465.