More Bad News AT Thiel

According to Ted at Thiel is on the verge of closing. According to the Chief Engineer who was let go Dennis Crosson Thiel is done. Upper management has denied this and stated they are planning to move into the next phase. Very confusing. Looks like Classe all over again. Very interesting article on what's going on.

I'd had dealings with Kathy Gornick way back when I had the Thiel CS6s in house and she was just such a pro.  Later on I had communication with Dawn, various questions about Thiel speakers and she too was very helpful.  The company was just such a class act.
The current Thiel administration is about as far from Kathy and Jim's ideals as it's possible to be. The only thing I will praise is that they've so far kept the Kentucky servicing dept open. Long may that continue.
Wow all of this time I never knew Jim and Kathy were married. It was never mentioned in reviews or articles about Thiel. Now I really happy she cashed out.
Had Kathy not "cashed out", none of this would have happened.

Does anyone know who is running the show?  I'm really curious.  Is it all just The Thomas Group LLC?  Is this one idiot the whole story?  It's hard to believe it's just this one cretin who bought the company a few years ago and is the one behind this entire string of decisions.  I'd have thought this much stupid would require a bunch of consultants.