More Bad News AT Thiel

According to Ted at Thiel is on the verge of closing. According to the Chief Engineer who was let go Dennis Crosson Thiel is done. Upper management has denied this and stated they are planning to move into the next phase. Very confusing. Looks like Classe all over again. Very interesting article on what's going on.

it would be interesting to learn how much stake (if any) Mr. Rob Gillum
has in Thiel Audio? Where does the customer service operation in KY fit?
Despite all the marketing spin manufacturers claim, the 2 channel audio market hasn't been healthy for many years. It's like musical chairs in which a manufacturer gets left out each time the music stops. Thiel is the latest victim to not have a seat.

Brick & mortars audio shops are rare and likely only viable for store owners who own their store or have low rent or have already shifted to providing custom audio/video/home automation services.  

Very little new blood in the hobby. Millennials have no interest or patience for it. They'd rather multitask using Beats headphones while using social media phone apps. Just ask yourself what was the average age of people at a recent 2-channel audio event you attended.
Who actually controls the Thiel patents? Gary from the old Thiel is at Bryson, What prevents Bryston from making a 3.7 mk2 ?
Wouldn't make sense for Bryston. They have their own line of speakers that are doing quite well. I've met Gary Dayton a few times when he was doing demos at my dealers store. He's totally committed to Bryston w/no interest towrad Thiel.


The brand "Thiel" grew in prominence due to a specific, and generally rare, approach to loudspeaker design. The whole cache of that name was from the fans who appreciated that particular design. The idea of taking over the Thiel name to abandon the design and produce just another "me-too" speaker, expecting to benefit from the Thiel name is sheer insanity.   (Actually, the word for this case is "ignorance" as anyone could see from who bought the company and interviews with those folk).

It’s like buying MBL and abandoning the Omani-directional technology to produce cookie-cutter life-style box speakers.