More Bad News AT Thiel

According to Ted at Thiel is on the verge of closing. According to the Chief Engineer who was let go Dennis Crosson Thiel is done. Upper management has denied this and stated they are planning to move into the next phase. Very confusing. Looks like Classe all over again. Very interesting article on what's going on.

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As a Thiel and ATC owner I too am ;hoping this doesn't happen at ATC.  I do think that it has become clear that the people who bought Thiel were very inept.  They didn't continue making real Thiel products and run the company similar to how Jim did.  Nor did they transform it into something more mainstream that could compete by selling lifestyle products.  Rather, they made some me too products that have no reason to exist.  First they made the over-priced psb line designed by Mark Mason and then they made over-priced mini wireless speakers.  What a bunch of dopes. 

What do these executives think is going to happen?  They're trying to make the exact same crap as Bose and Harman.  They'd have to be able to compete on price but of course they won't be able to because they're much smaller operations.  They need to have something that occupies a niche that the large companies can't or don't want.  Is this not obvious?

I wish some of these smaller companies could merge and keep the ideas of the founders alive longer.  Say Thiel sold everything relating to the Jim Thiel designs to Vandersteen or another smallish manufacturer so Vandersteen could build and sell real Thiels.  Both companies have a significant following and different house sounds.  I'd think they could be more complementary than direct competitors.  I would think that modern manufacturing techniques could facilitate manufacturing a wider variety of products in smaller numbers. 

I'm probably just dreaming.  I do think ATC has a better chance of surviving the eventual retirement of Billy Woodman.  They will have to adapt to the changing market but they have a more traditional engineering approach and sell to a more diverse market since they're so big in pro audio as well as domestic.  I hope they can continue on.  If they do end  up selling I think it's unlikely they'll find investors as dim as the ones that bought Thiel. 
Thiel traditionally shuts down for a few weeks this time of year so it's possible they are planning to open back up but it does seem that they let their chief engineer go.  He was only with the company since 2014, though, so he's not really a Thiel guy. 

The CEO is a joke.  Judging by the facebook page she's trying to sell $700 mini speakers to trendy women.  We all know how chicks love gadgets.
Jim Thiel was also only 61 when he died.  He had most likely been sick for a few years.  He probably thought he had 10-15 years left when he was diagnosed.  Who knows what his plans were.  It's one of those things that just sucks and there's not that much that can be said about it. The idiots that bought the company wrecked it immediately.  At this point the best we can hope for is that it gets resurrected to some degree by someone who has some appreciation for what he accomplished.  
Does anyone know who is running the show?  I'm really curious.  Is it all just The Thomas Group LLC?  Is this one idiot the whole story?  It's hard to believe it's just this one cretin who bought the company a few years ago and is the one behind this entire string of decisions.  I'd have thought this much stupid would require a bunch of consultants.
That is quite a review.  They're banking on females to buy it because the ceo is a female and apparently the mechanical engineer who designs the products is too.  

I love this quote.  How many women are there who want to spend an extra $500 over the price of Bose so they can get a little less bass?  I'm guessing 3.  

"I've had many speakers in the past, from Bose to B&O, and can confidently say the Aurora competes with the best of them. I used to love Bose back in college given its signature robust bassy sound. In comparison, the Aurora isn’t quite as bass filled, which is awesome, as I feel the sound is much more authentic as a result."

I wish someone would/could pick up where Jim Thiel left off.  They don't need to come out with new stuff every couple of years like other brands but when a real upgrade is possible I wish it could be brought to market.  I'm thinking the only way is if the company gets bought by another speaker manufacturer and a few Thiel philosophy speakers are sold for people who are fans of Jim's designs.  

It does seem like the wireless speakers they were trying to sell are about done.  The website has the $900 Home listed at $675 and the top says 40% off your order so it looks like they're blowing these turds out at less than half price.  A sure sign that there's no demand.  What a bunch of dopes. 
They're still out there and 40% off.  They might be competitive at that price.