More Bad News AT Thiel

According to Ted at Thiel is on the verge of closing. According to the Chief Engineer who was let go Dennis Crosson Thiel is done. Upper management has denied this and stated they are planning to move into the next phase. Very confusing. Looks like Classe all over again. Very interesting article on what's going on.

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I find this whole sorry affair so annoying and yet I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t entirely predictable.

The dilemma now is does one send off parts to be serviced at Kentucky never to see them again if the place suddenly shuts down?

I’ve watched their website and social networking with a growing sense of horror. Quite unbelievable how they’ve veered so far from what the Thiel name is all about. Bluetooth speakers for goodness sake...

They initially relaunched with a clearly overpriced and profoundly unoriginal speaker range that threw out every one of Jim’s design ideals. Total commercial suicide.

If if it weren’t for the fact that I’m passionate about helping to keep Jim’s legacy alive by maintaining my CS 3.5s, I’d actually say good riddance to this sad apology for an audio manufacturer.

I thought I’d seen every form of incompetence in over 30 years in commerce, but this woeful bunch are rewriting the rule book on stupidity in business.

We just have to hope they are bought out by someone who understands and will honor the legacy.

The current Thiel administration is about as far from Kathy and Jim's ideals as it's possible to be. The only thing I will praise is that they've so far kept the Kentucky servicing dept open. Long may that continue.