more 2 channel preamp processors like majik ds-i?


I really like what Linn has offered with their 2 channel integrated amp and processor Majik DS-I, but I would like it just as a preamp ($1250 range) or maybe preamp and digital streamer ($2500 range).

Why are there not more companies doing this. Something like:

- 4 to 6 analog inputs in (one should be for a turntable)
- 3 optical inputs
- 3 coax inputs
- remote
- tuner option?

Maybe I will end up buying a DS-I and selling all of the folowing if anyone is intersted?

- NAD T163 AV preamp processor in 2 channel mode with tuner
- Audio Refinement multi 5 (used to biamp my Tekton 6.5t)
- Linn Classik Music (CD source)


Scott I think more companies will look at that option as new revenue stream.

Streamer Preamplifier component or streamer integrated.

Curious if other companies will stop manufacturing CD players as Linn.
Many of us are leaning towards USB DAC's to stream anything we need (Benchmark, PS Audio, Musiland and many more). Peachtree integrateds are close to what you are looking for. Not much has 6 digital inputs that isn't for 7.1 theater.