Mordaunt Short Performance Series

Hi -

Does anyone have experience w/ the Mordaunt Short Performance Series? I am currently looking at buying a pair of the 820's but I have never heard them. I am mostly into rock type music - but listen to a little of everything.

I had a pair of the MS 10i Pearls and really liked them...

My system is as follows -

B&K ST-140 Amp
B&K Pro 10MC Pre
Denon DVD 2800 w/ upgraded Burr-Brown Processor - digital source.
Signal Cable interconnects and speaker wire.


I just listened to some Mordaunt Short speakers last weekend at an audio store. I don't think they were the performance series, but they not for rock in my opinion. I also like to listen to rock, and know several speakers that would work well. What is your budget? Are you looking for new or used?
The new M/S series is not due to be released untill september 2004.
I am using Performance 6's and just as all the reviews say, they are very transparent and mid range is superb. Rock music sounds very good and should work well with your equipment. Bass depth is good enough for me although not down to earth suddering levels.

I am currently using Nordost biwired Heimdall speaker cable which means you need a decent cable to wire them up. There are not many available on the second hand market, which means that owners like me are happy with them, although I am thinking of selling these to upgrade to the new Performance 6 special editions coming out soon.

They also look great.