Mordaunt-Short loudspeakers

Is anyone familiar with the Mordaunt-Short line of loudspeakers? I'm just curious about them and not many dealers sell them. It dates back to the 1980s when I first heard the Carnival line. My friend and I were so impressed so I guess there's always been an interest. Can someone explain the line, the entry level to the higher end? There's the Aviano, the Mezzo, Alumi, Performance etc. Is the Carnival line still being produced?
I am familiar with the Carnival and the (original) MS20/30 speakers. Excellent in their day, but for some reason they never really took hold in the U.S. When the company wass sold in 1999, the new owners changed the classic designs to more modern/trendy styles. Also all manufacturing moved form the UK to China at that time. Vintage MS speakers are often overlooked bargains.
i'm not too familiar with their recent offerings (aviano,mezzo etc.), but i've owned their avant and (80s) MSxx and been impressed---per br3098 they are extremely high value propositions and very well reviewed in the uk. their high-end performance line is exceptional. the company has been through some reorganizations and was never heavily promoted in the us, although they seem to have wider distribution of late. i often see them used on ebay for a fraction of list.
I have owned the Morduant Short Performance 6's for about five years and they are fantastic speakers. Very transparent with a huge soundstage and with the right electronics very musical. I used to own Morduant Short 35ti's and they were extraordinary speakers for around $350./pair. I have heard great things about the curent crop of lower priced Morduant Short speakers, but I have not heard them.
I'm looking to pick up a pair of 25ti's locally from CL if still available. I seem to prefer a metal dome tweeter in speakers as opposed to rubber/cloth dome tweeters as I just find the metal dome is more natural sounding, but sometimes can sound a little bright if you don't have the proper gear to offset that...only downside to the 25ti's is they only go down to 70 hz so looks like a subwoofer might be necessary...Guppy, glad you really liked the 35ti's...
I see Audio Advisor carries at least one M/S speaker model.
Just recently received the AA 2013 winter clearance catalog and they have the Aviano 2 on sale for $399.00 a pair regular $695.00 a pair your choice of finish black, rosewook, or walnut. The Aviano 1 is also on sale for $299.00 per pair. Both are standmounts
I had a pair of little MS10s that were sweet...inexpensive from Audio Advisor in maybe 2000...kind of a budget Epos with a gold anodized aluminum tweeter with removable (!) screen. I can't remember why the hell I sold those...
You might want to hit up A-gon dealer UnderwoodWally. I think he carries them. He should be able to tell you all about them.