morch tonearm question.......

Just bought a new morch DP-6 ,but don't know how much dampeng fluid to inject in tonearm...Also how would you rate these arms ,as compared to the more expensive ones.thanks in advance for your reply. kaput
check with the importer and/or your dealer. in most instances, the answer is NONE. the dp-6 competes well with other high-end arms imho, but just isn't that well known or appreciated in this country (if you're in the u.s.). not enough money spent in advertising perhaps....upgrading the tonearm lead over the stock one is recommended. what table and cartridge are you using?
You may want to contact AudioGon member Dobjim. He is using a Morch DP-6 on a VPI MK IV/ TNT.

I have never put the fluid in my Morch DP-6, as there is no good way to get it out, if you don't care for the sound. It does a very good job without the damping. This combination has been up and running for six years w/o problem with any cartridge. I have used Denons, Benz Gliders, Clearaudios, and Koetsus with this set-up with both heavy and light wands. The Koetsu is so good it is frightening. Have an Audioquest 7000 and a Goldbug Mr. Briar waiting for a trial, but just can't take the Koetsu off. Did replace the tonearm lead with VDH from Aural Thrills.


Do you have any experience with the TCI Viper tonerarm lead from Morch?

No! Prior to that was using a standard tonearm lead from VPI. Really old lead. Sorry not to have answered sooner, but was out traveling and working.

Kaput: I agree with Jim. The Dp 6 runs exellent with out damping. It's an exellent, too, tonearm and is in the same league that others tonearms like Graham or Triplanar. This tonearm has a very good design ( japanese Highphonic design ) and very good execution of that design. The company is a low profile company and don't put money trough magazines like TAS or Stereophile, that's why it's not a famous tonearm. You can use any cartridge, that's why has differents arm wands with different effective mass: this permit a ideal match between the tonearm/cartridge combo.
Regards and enjoy the music.
My guess is that the damping fluid isn't really necessary, I've never used it and don't feel the lack. The obvious strategy would be start small. It's not *that*hard to get out, but you're better off getting everything else perking first. Matching cart to arm wand and getting the counterweights situated is *far* more important.

I think the arm is seriously underrated in the US, but more from the fact that it is a painstaking job to get the arm "right." Most don't have the patience or the variety of wands requirted to get any one cart right. I did not find the Moerch compatibility chart to be all that useful. When it's put together properly with a cart it likes, it compares favorably with my Triplanar. YMMV