Morch DP-8 arm on a Helix Two turntable

Hello everyone. I am exploring putting a Morch DP-8 tonearm on a Helix Two turntable. I would like opinions from people who own the DP-8 specifically on how easy is to calibrate, how is its tracking and how accurate are the low frequencies. What is your accompanied cartridge(s)? I assume your system is capable of reproducing accurately instruments below 50Hz. Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.
I also have the Kuzma 4P (11) and recently got the Moerch DP-8 as an alternate arm to use with my AF Technics SP 10 Mk2.  It's only been a short period, but my initial impression is that the DP-8 ain't no slouch. It may not be up there with the 4P, but it's still a very good arm.  OP - I know Hans Henrik is willing to Facetime to help with set up, I would go that route and set up the arm properly before looking for another arm.
Other posters which I assume means me do not have to listen to every single tonearm out there to know what makes a good arm and what makes a lousy one. The Morch violates several key parameters. Having set up and listened to many arms experience is the best teacher. People buy the Morch because they think it looks cool. What they think it sounds like means nothing. People think all kinds of inferior equipment sounds great especially when they just spent a lot of money on it. Dover's experience is rather typical.
@lewm, it is not just my bias. It is the bias of many people including the designers of unipivot arms! Both Graham and Basis have gone out of their way to correct specific unipivot deficiencies. Cartridge manufacturers recommend against them. 

I get a lot of animosity because I do not pull punches. Political correctness only perpetuates problems and inferiority. An opinion stated is one that can be argued, verified or debunked.  
Thank you all for the great and sincere input. You have helped me make a decision. It is greatly appreciated. Stay safe and happy listening.
Mijostyn, I appreciate forthright comments, but if they represent opinions presented as fact, then I take umbrage unless there are also supportive data provided. In the case of the Murch DP8, what I see is a tonearm that does in fact conform to most modern conceptions of what makes a good tonearm, except of course for the central fact that it is a Uni pivot which some people like and some people don’t like. On the other hand, I take Dover’s opinion very seriously, because he tells that he has used the DP8 in his system and he compared it to other tonearms, one of which we can call a modified unipivot (Kuzma 4-point). As for me, I am a little suspicious of tonearms that started life as unipivot designs and later incorporated  very significant crutches that no longer placed them in the Uni pivot category, like the Kuzma, the VPI, and the third brand that escapes memory at the moment. But you won’t find me expressing an opinion of them, because I have never heard them, and because each has its own set of devoted followers, some of whom I respect a great deal.

But to your point, I think it is fair for you to say you don’t like Uni pivots and then give a list of reasons why you don’t like them in theory, while also admitting you never heard the Murch DP8.