Moon W-5 Or Marsh A400 Power amp

Has anyone had an opportuuity to evaluate the Moon P-5 & the Marsh A-400. I would very much appreciate your opinions of each. Assoiated equipment, ARC LS 2-B pre-amp,Magnepan Tympani 1Ds speakers & Mapleshade speaker cable & ICs.
You may want to consider a Power Modules from Dave Belles. The 350A is excellant, sells for $3500.00,has 250watts and is as musical as it gets. Read in stereophiles Dec. issue.
They are both great amps. I consider the Marsh slightly more neutral than the Moon, but it is highly subjective since they are both terrific. This is one of those cases where I don't have a definitive opinion, although for reasons of price I would go with the Marsh.
Don't want to further confuse the issue but have you given thought to the McCormack DNA 225? Happy Holidays