Moon vs Electrocompaniet

Have a Bel Canto DAC-1 but am thinking of upgrading. Both the Moon and Electrocompaniet are on my short list. Anyone heard both players? Is the Electrocompaniet smoother? Does a digital cable used to bypass HDCD make the Moon better? Thanks.
I have heard both. The Moon is excellent, but I prefer the Electrocompaniet. You may think the EC. player smoother on first listen, but in fact, it's just more realistic sounding. Or to put it another way, it handles the top end much better. My suggestion however, is to try out the Perpetual Technologies P1A & P3A D/D & D/A combo. If you were thinking of buying the Sim or EC brand new, you would be well served to take my advice and save yourself a bit of money in the process. And while a good transport is important, use the player/transport you've got. One thing I don't recommend to anyone is spending too much on a transport. Not until the format wars are over.
Why pay $4000+ for a new player that will be hard pressed to surpass the sound of 2 yr old BC Dac1? Bel Canto will surely be coming out with new DAC soon to use 24/192 chips now available. Unless money is no object with you I would stay with outboard DAC, and keep upgrading as new DACs appear.

I believe Pat above is saying essentially the same thing, I currently have BC DAC 1.1
Sam: What benefits does the BC 1.1 offer over the 1.0 and does Bel Canto still offer the upgrade? This might be another option for 84Audio. I, as you know use the BC Dac 1, but have not looked into the upgrade as of yet.
Thanks for your concern Sam. I also like the Bel Canto DAC-1 but think these other players might give me more information. I know the BC is a giant killer and that this $1300 product sound better than a lot of $4k and $5k products. Unfortunately, I think the best $4k-$5k audio products sound better than the best $1300 products. In any case, I am gathering input and information about the Moon and Electrocompaniet and will not buy if one does not sound a lot better than the Bel Canto. I would appreciate any feedback about both players. Thanks
I used to own a Bel Canto DAC1 and a Pioneer DVD player as transport as recommended by Bel Canto a year ago.I guess I can say I was in your shoes a year ago. I have the EMC1 and Linn Ikemi as my top choices then.After reading a lot about both players (search audio asylum)I ended up buying the EMC 1. I can say now that I made the right decision as the EMC1 is the best player I've ever owned.Sorry no experience with the Moon player.The rest of my gears are all Krell and NBS Monitor series cabling.