MOON SuperNova Experiences vs. Wadia 302?

I actually would like to hear about anyone's general experiences with the Simaudio MOON SuperNova. Additionallly I would like to know if anyone has direct listening experience of the SuperNova vs. the Wadia 302.

I have listened to both but as they were at separate locations it is very much a non-comparison. Other than "they both sound great" in their locations and on their equipment.

So far, I was the most impressed with the SuperNova, but I am arranging to bring a Wadia 302 home to listen in my own system shortly.

Any helpful information is appreciated. Thanks.
I have not heard either. I do, however have a suggestion based on listening to several Wadia's over an extended period. Wadia has a "house" sound. This factor is independent of resolution. Either it strikes you as "right" or as lacking somthing essential - like ultimate resolution and/or speed. If after llisting at home you do not agree that the Wadia is essentially "right", then you should not buy it.
Thanks Samujohn, I have now since listened to the Wadia 302 and it did sound "right" to my ears. It had a warmth *and* clarity of space that I enjoy.

I am still trying to arrange to listen to the Simaudio MOON SuperNova at home, but I don't know if I will be in luck since it will be with another store I have less of a relationship with.

Anyone else listen to these two players?
Hi Brett,

I listened to the 302 connected to a pair of Sophia's and was not impressed with either the sound or the build quality. I heard the Simaudio Andromeda coming through the Raidho Eben X3's and was floored. I took a chance and ordered the Supernova unseen & unheard and I couldn't be happier, both with the sound and build quality. Keep in mind that my comparison is not an apples to apples one but I have no regrets with my decision. I would let the Simaudio dealer know that you are contemplating purchasing one or the other and you would like to audition the Supernova at home, If he or she declines, than your choice is easy. You also want to do business with a good Audio Retailer. Good Luck.