"MOON" Says Cary Audio Design ? Intergrated amp w big Blue meters, milled Allinium Face

Dealer needing Information and asking for help ?
I received a heavy stunning looking "Moon" Integrated Amplifier (maybe not made by Moon Audio and maybe a Cary Prototype and  it says:
Cary Audio Design
Does anyone have ant information on this one input very nice sounding and looking Integrated Amp ?
Serial # 160218

One of a Kind ?

Price Wattage ?
Description ?

Retail ?

History ?

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Cary integrated amp.  Google images.  Does anything look familiar.
Hope it helps.
I remember "Moon" from 4 or 5 years ago. I'm pretty sure not associated with Sim Audio or their Moon equipment. Looked like substantial stuff...
Dennis Had and Moon (sorry forget the Moon guy's name) collaberated years ago on @ least a few projects I've read about online.

Moon is still Moon as far a I gather, but I don't "gather" the same about contemporary Cary - thus the suggestion to contact Had.

Wish Had would do a singled ended integrated amp with 2-3 source inputs.