Moon i3.3 vs Plinius 9100


Wich amp for Dynaudio Excite 32 (replace Audition series), and why?

Witch one for Dynaudio??? Please...
Music choice mostly rock and jazz, room medium 4,5x4,5m

I really like the 9100. It is amazing amp. have not heard the simaudio, but the sim audio will be much more agressive than the plinius...what i have heard...the plinius will be more neutral than the sim. So it boils down to preference...for dynaudio...i would chose plinius.
I have had a pair of Dynaudio Focus 140 and now have Contour 1.4. I have used a Plinius 8200 MK III, Moon I-3se, I-5 and I-7. The Plinius can do rock and jazz with muscle and finesse; could use a bit more detail. Its strength was the midbass. However, to my ears the Simaudio/ Dynaudio combination has a better synergy. I felt more drawn into the music.
Tarantula, what types of music do you usually listen to?
Never mind sorry I didnt see your first post!
What I would recommend that you try to get your hands on some demos from a dealer. This may seem like very out of the way now, but down the road you will be thankful. Like I said, I have never heard simaudio with dynaudio only plinius. All we can do is try to describe the sound, but it boils down to preference with these brands since both have history of being matched with your speakers.
Either one. Both good picks for Dynaudio.

Is it i3.3 and 9100 in the same category with Dyns Excite (ex Audition) series or maybe I should look at something like Sim i-1 or Naim XS.
I would consider a used Moon I-3se to match with the Excite. The new I3.3 is a bit too pricey for those speakers IMO. If the I-3se is not to your taste you can easily resell it and recoup your money.