Moon I-5 vs Bel Canto eVo 2i

I listen to a lot of rock and electronic music, so I need an amp that is detailed, fast, as well as engaging. Has anyone here had experience with either or both these models? Thanks!
I have a Moon I-5, and I love it. Very fast, detailed and amazing bass. I last had a Jeff Rowland Concentra II, had to sell for financial reasons, bougth the Moon to save some money, now I would'nt go back. I'm using it with DynAudio Special 25's and a Moon nova CD payer, Nottingham Innerspace turntable. If I can tell you more, let me know.
Agree, I-5 is fast, detailed, with very good bass. I also run it with Nova; speakers are Revels M20, and I love it. The only complaint, dut to the above, the system is quite revealing, which may be an issue with many rock and electronic music recordings.
Revealing YES... I however only find it an issue on rock and electronic music if the cd or album was badly produced in the first place. I think the point of the hobby is to reveal as much as possible of what the artist put down in the first place, without spending a small or large fortune. Anybody can spend $100 grand, and have a system that sounds like the band is in your living room. The key here is to match amps, speakers, cables and players together, in an attempt to acheive a non-grating and enjoyable musical experience. It sounds like you did that with your Revels' and the I5-Nova combo.