Moon CD3.3 vs Ayon CD2s

I am considering these 2 CD players. Are you able to give a comparison of how they sound.

I currently have an Oppo BDP83SE. My other option is to get like a Wyred4Sound DAC or something even a bit higher.

Which would give the best result? Looking for good resolution and speed and neutrality.

Me too.

My PS Audio PW DAC digs more information from my music library and the soundstaging is a bit better than my Oppo 83SE (hotrodded).

But the Oppo simply sounds better. Go figure. Now I'm looking at the Ayon CD2S or the CD5 as a CD player, and a music library player.

Never contemplated the Moon gear.

Would love to hear the Ayon in my system.

Sorry I couldn't give you an answer as we are on the same quest.
Can’t really compare directly with the Moon. I’ve had the Ayon CD2s for a few months and I’m very pleased with it. Ayon stated a run in period and they were right, after 20 hours or so it really started to open up. They also advised me to use the RCA outputs rather than the XLR’s, which I have done. It really does have a superb soundstage and whilst it’s detailed I would not consider it bright. In fact I can listen to this for hours without it becoming fatiguing. With a good recording it’s as close to vinyl as I’ve heard. In fact some of the recent new LP’s I have bought have come with a CD version of the Album and when playing these back to back and switching between CD and LP it’s pretty close, (Easy to do this with the Ayon as you can set the volume level to match other sources).