Moody Blues on SACD Finally

Well, I have been hearing rumoors about it for over 2 years but it finally looks like the Moody Blues' first 5 albums will be released on SACD next month!

I'll be placing my order!
I gots to have em'
Good news, indeed!!!
Glad to hear new SACD material is still coming out.
What! no Seventh Sojourn? Oh well I will take what I can get, hopefully they will complete the catalog and also do the Blue Jays. Should be good.
Yes, I was also initially disappointed that they didn't release all of the "classic 7" but I'll take what I can get. Hopefully, if sales are good, they will release the rest!
'Bout Time!!
thanks for the heads up! I was considering buying some CDs as I am missing some of my favorites, but now will wait for SACD.
it will be interesting to see how thesemeasure up against the MFSL LP releases....
I can't say much good about the MoFi LPs.