I am looking to purchase 2 cd's byt he Moody Blues, Question of Balance and To Our Children's Children. I went to CD Universe website and they offer both each in three versions as follows:

1. remastered $8.19
2. Import $25.00
3. Japaneese Pressing $35.00

I called customer service asking about the sound quality.
In short, is the $25.00 ro $35.00 sound any better than the $8.00. The customer service person said she had no idea, except that some customers prefer the imports.
But she couldn't advise as to quiter services, better sound
etc. Can anybody offer my any guidance as to which of the
above sound better. PErsonal experience would be prefferred. Thank you.
The best are those from Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs. I have a couple of remasters but they hold nothing to the MOFI releases. I do have an import "Made in Germany" of their release titled "Seventh Sojourn" but it's no better than the original version. Now comparing the import to that of MOFI! The import has nothing on the gold disc. If you haven't heard these I suggest you do so!!! Very, very good!
I think the remastered version is as good as the others. They are just imports, that's the only reason they are more money. And some of the new Japanese pressings are bright.
The remasters sound just as good as the imports. I mean for the money they want for the japanese import you could pick up the mofi's on ebay.
I third the MoFi's - you can't go wrong. These are the BEST versions on CD and I have compared them all including the 2 released in DTS.
The MoFi with the Gainn 2 remastering is a wonderful CD. I found the vocals very realistic, the bass deep & tight, the highs seemed a bit muffled, but if you only have the regular recording to judge it you might get this impression. I have the Moody Blues on 4 track and nothing sounded better to me.
The first five MB albums, including the one's you are looking for, are being released as deluxe edition multi-layered SACDs in the UK and Europe on March 20. I order them on Amazon.UK for $18 - $22 (including shipping). The difference in price reflects the fact that some have 2nd disks with outtakes, BBC radio, and other live versions. If you do SACD and have a good player, my guess is these will be great (although obviously that's just a guess until someone hears them). I've been pretty impressed with the remastering on most of these deluxe editions deals, so I have high hopes for the Redbook parts of these too.
It is sounding a bit repetitive, but the MOFI GAIN2 CD's sound really good & I don'l really like Cds.
The best sounding Moody Blues CD recording I've heard is 1999's largely overlooked "Strange Times".

The production and sound quality overall is superb, the best since "Days of Future Passed", which was conceived and implemented as an audio showpiece in its day. There is a little bit of everything in this recording. Most every cut is very good.

The vocals, particularly Justin Hayward and Ray Thomas', sound as good or perhaps even better than they ever have.

Overall, the collection of songs on this album as a whole may be the best and most accessible musically and lyrically that the Moodies have ever concocted.

Highly recommended for any audiophile who has ever taken any notice of the Moody Blues.
'December' their 'quasi' christmas / (cool winter theme) album released a couple - 3 years ago has amazing sonics as well. I recently bought Octave - remastered CD with Hayward in the room...very impressive, much better then the original . Compares easily (sonically) to my vinyl copy.

Moodies have always been about the music and quality of sound. Good stuff

December is the one Moodies album I don't have.

I need to get it.....

I sold a lot of stereo systems at Lafayette Radio years ago playing Octave on vinyl on various systems when it originally came out. Octave was well recorded as well and had a collection of songs that was not the Moddies best overall, but still a very nice collection of songs, tunes that many could relate to and many had never heard on a decent system.

The lead in to "Stepping in a Slide Zone", the first song on the album, really caught people's attention right out of the gate and led to a lot of sales.

My other secret weapon recording I used a few years later to sell many systems was the Jeff Lynn production of "War of the Worlds". The familiar story, the voice of Richard Burton narrating, and the nicely recorded soundtrack caught peoples attention right away.

When Justin Hayward broke in singing "Forever Autumn", the wallets really opened up!
i bought the remastered question of balance cd and i really do not think from an economic perspective you are going to get much return on purchasing an import.
Since the original recordings where well done on analog tape,I feel that there is not much to gain from a half-speed master or a import as far as CDs go.LPs are another story if they ever bring them back.I can tell you first hand that the Mofi "Days of Future Passed" is a fantastic pressing and very desirable.If you can find one.
I found that the SACDs, both 2 and multichannel to be disapointing. I like the MOFI cds the best. Quiet but clean.