mood lighting

Hi Goners!

I was wondering what type/types of lighting fixtures you use to "set the mood" for your daytime or night time listening/

I have made sure to have no can overhead lighting but now need some table lamps and a standing or torche style...Any finds?


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Room and Board has a nice selection of lighting, which you can see here. Not cheap, but nicely designed and well made. Many of their table and floor lamps have built-in dimmers, which is good for "mood" lighting.

Keep in mind that lots of folks complain that dimmers put noise on the power line, which can find its way back into the system. I myself have never noticed any degradation in sound quality as a consequence of using dimmers. YMMV.

My place has no living room ceiling lighting. So I found some faux tiffany style floor lamps cheap, (Target store)so i bought six. I have them around the room. I leave one 7 watt bulb on all night for my birds (night terror) otherwise i use 200/150 watts energy savers in them. usually only one is on, behind me. Another if I want to read.
Some dimmers are good, some lousy. I have one in the bedroom that the bulbs always last for several years. It is the dimmer! I took it with me whan i moved as it is so good. Some other dimmers can burn out a bulb in a few weeks.
There are many respectable solutions to choose from. Try walking through thr lighting dept at Lowes and Home depot or your favorite local lighting center. You may be interested in spot specific lighting which uses battery power and can be placed anywhere you need it as long as you have a surface to adhere it to. I have found this to be very useful in my set up, just a tap and you have instant lighting of various watts to accomodate your needs. The battery power has no ill effects on sound or powerline noise. (use rechargeable lithium batteries for value)
Great for task specific needs. Look also at track and rope lighting solutions for something different.
The glow of my Cary monoblock tubes(12), and Synergistic Research active shielding LEDs(8), is all I require, to set the mood for music listening.
Best to listen in the dark, no visual distractions. When you can't do that, just use 'peepers', like from a sun tanning room. You will be surprised what 'blackness' does.
I have four ceiling cans on a dimmer and just added some halogen track lighting specifically for my audio rack. The track lighting is on its own dimmer. When I listen to music the ceiling cans are off and I adjust the dimmer for the track lighting to match my mood.

The dimmers are on their own breaker.

Funny, I just realized that I have no room or place in my listening room for a normal lamp.
The best I've found is the Orgel Vreten floor lamp from IKEA. It's 61" high by 10" square and costs a mere $19.95. There's also a table lamp version for about the same price.
Maybe a little extreme, but LEDs are pretty cool, just updated my system in virtual systems after installing some...they look pretty cool...
read about people using 2 movable cans with 15 watts set on the ground in back of the speakers
I just purchased a turntable/stereo LED floorstanding light that is really nice. It's made by Koncept and it not only disapears above your rack it has adjustable light levels. Google Koncept for details. These are really nice.